Monday, June 14, 2010


Roma wasn't built in one day, but I managed to see it in one, with a few time-savers and a good pair of running shoes.

Helpful Hint #1. Order your Vatican museum ticket online. It took me 30 seconds to get inside and many people more than two hours, in a line wrapped around the building, at least 1/4 mile long. I also concentrated on the art I loved, the Sistine Chapel and mosaic,s and ignored the art I didn't love. There was enough to see in 2 hours.

I started the day at Cafe Julia, double espresso and sugary pastry. Then hit the museum, in and out. Weaving in and out of tour groups works if you have skid-proof shoes. Caffeine is a definite must, do not skip the espresso. Make sure you have a good map, and don't be afraid to keep it out. There are no actual Italians in Rome, it is made up of 100% tourists, and they all have their maps out.
 From the Vatican race to the Pantheon, worth the trip, cut back through to the Trevi Fountain, up a flight of stairs to a palace (I have no clue, it was free and had guards with machine guns so it must have been worth it). Make your way to the center, turning the map if need be to get your bearings. There you will find all the ruins you have ever dreamed of viewing. Good photo-op here, the modern surrounding the ancient, Smart car next to crumbling brick. Make sure you get a picture of the gladiator talking on his cell phone, it is priceless. If you skip lunch and buy an overpriced water you can make it to the Coliseum, wander inside (for 12 euro) and make the 2 hour walk back to your hotel in time for a bad tourist priced meal (not at mny beautiful hotel) of lasagna fruit and diet coke (14 euro). You will then sleep hard for at least 10 hours before making the 2 hour trek back across town to the train station and head back to the coast. Make sure to have ibuprofen on hand for sore aching muscles (you did walk across Rome, remember) and hit Cafe Julia again for more espresso, just not too much because the Roma Train Station charges .70 for a trip to the bathroom, sans toilet seat. At least it had a toilet instead of a hole (I am saving that one for later, after I have recovered). Post all pictures for your friends to drool over!


Mom said...

Thoroughly enjoying the pictures and script-wish I were there! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip when you get back!
Love you, Mom

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