Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Verona is For Lovers

Entering the alley that leads to the balcony where Juliet called down to Romeo, surrounded by mobs of people carrying dangerous weapon (umbrellas) we entered into the world of Verona. This cute little town is home to many different architectural styles and a Medieval Art museum/castle, where you can see pictures of Jesus in the same room as a painting of a man’s head on a platter. Gotta love that time period. But I do enjoy the devotional art and have decided that I am officially a fresco girl. That is fresco, not fresco. I know this because I have succeeded in photographing so many frescoes that I could open my own shop. No geese here, but the cobblestone historical center made up for the lack. I see no reason, other than the influx of zillions of tourists, for Romeo and Juliet to have to die. After all, there are numerous shoe stores and plenty of gelato (price is up to 1.50 here!) Verona is for lovers, Romeo and Juliet lovers, people looking for love and lovers of historical architecture and art.


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