Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Last Train to ???

Between trains, a whole world, nameless faceless people. The bathroom was up to a euro at this station, a marked increase from Padova’s .80! Inflation perhaps? Lessons learned on this trip. Make a schedule of where one wants to go before booking the plane. This way you will not have to backtrack to catch your flight. Check all train schedules before leaving to save on internet costs from your cell phone when you get stuck. And beware of a gorgeous Italian man trying to carry your bag for you. I guess offering to carry a bag means they can accompany you to your hotel! Don’t think so. The train station is a world in itself. In Roma there was a mini mall, complete with shoe store (ah, Italian shoes). Even the smaller stations, such as Assisi have restaurants and lounges. These in between places serve an important function in society, and sometimes can be scary and overwhelming. Until I know exactly where my train will come in and where the car I am assigned to will stop, I am nervous. I am also between school and an internship. Next Monday I will begin as a teacher’s aide at an art school. The transition period is necessary though, to gather energy, change gears and understand exactly where I will be going. This week I plan to continue writing my novel, in which the first scene took place on a train, with a woman going to a place of uncertainty. Today I have a little more clarity about which direction I wish to head. Back to Italy, yes, Sicilia, Toscana, Umbria and of course, back to Caorle. On this trip I gained another home, another destination that I can head back to. What happens in between is still a mystery.


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