Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oggi, Trieste, Citta nelle montagne e del Castello di Miramare

We started the day with caffè, and a guided tour of the city. After being near the ocean, sans elevatation, this city built along an incline was refreshing, and great free exercise. We visited a few churches and passed by one of the many places James Joyce lived while staying in Trieste. I guess he spent his money on luxuries other than rent! Smart cars are the majority here, scooters as well, to navigate the narrow hilly streets. We finished the day at Miramare, built in 1856, a castle overlooking the ocean, its interior decorated in the Romantic style. A bit much wood and paneling for my taste, but the grounds alone, 55,000 acres, were worth my plane ticket here. The architectural style changed the closer we drove to Austria, towers of churches looked more like onions. But sunbathers still lined the rocks along the sea, that is under protection from the WWF. A highlight of the interior? “Il Bacio” on display, one of the four versions of Francesco Hayez’s well known painting. A copy also displayed showed us what the original colors would have looked like before fading.


Mom said...

Hey Laura-Can't wait to see these places! I can taste the gelato already! Love, Mom

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